Mass Effect 2, part 6

This post will contain spoilers.

I was pretty much thrown onto Horizon at about the time I planned on quitting for the night. I did, and came back to play more the next day. Fighting through the collectors was not as easy as I hoped it would be. I did pick up the particle beam gun, which is a lot of fun! I made it most of the way through, but I was having a lot of trouble with the final few waves of enemies. There wasn’t much cover, and husks kept managing to sneak around my cover to attack me from behind. After a few very frustrating tries, I decided to quit for a while.

One thing about me is that in pretty much any game I play, I hate leaving my character outside or in a dangerous situation. Even though they are just a collection of pixels, I feel bad leaving them somewhere uncomfortable or dangerous. Maybe I relate too much to my characters, but oh well! I left Shepard right before more husks and collectors were going to attack.

I also dislike getting frustrated and it’s hard for me to admit that I should take a break and come back later. It feels too much to me like giving up, and I don’t like to give up. Playing video games has helped me with this actually. For one thing, it takes me longer to get frustrated than it used to. I’ve also learned that it is okay to take a step back, take a break (which is not the same as giving up), and try again later.

Anyway, I finally came back to play again today when my guilt for leaving Shepard in the middle of a battlefield outweighed my desire to avoid getting frustrated. When I came back, I did a lot better and the fights were not as bad as I feared they would be! I had to defeat the Praetorian, which I did mostly using the very fun particle beam.

Then, the awkward meetup with Kaidan happened.

Kaidan, looking upset. Don’t look at me like that! 

He is not happy with me. I don’t like him being mad at me, but he kept talking about “our relationship” and stuff like that. Well, when I was playing the first Mass Effect I never meant to get with him. I just talked to him a lot and chose dialog options that were supposed to be flirty, but I didn’t realize were flirty. Oops. Sorry Kaidan. There’s no relationship here.

After all this, I just returned to the Normandy and talked to people. There are personal missions now for Jacob, Miranda, and Jack. I found out more of Jack’s backstory, and wow is it messed up. No wonder she is the way she is.

Jack, looking super cool while talking about murder.

I also got more assignments for recruiting team members, and Tali is one of them! I’m happy, because I missed her. I also miss Kaidan and Liara, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting them back. I have a lot of options for what to do in my next play session.

Thank you for reading, and I thought I would mention that I am playing all of this on Steam. If anyone wants to add me, my username is sciopterix.


3 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2, part 6”

  1. That’s one of the great things about games, taking a break then coming back. I love the particle beam, its easily one of the best weapons I’ve enjoyed using in any game. When I saved Ashley, and first meet her again, she gave me the same story, in which case I felt bad lol.

    The personal missions are a great thing, I’m glad they made those apart of the game. It easily gets you attached to your crew more, you shouldn’t be disappointed by these. I’ll remember your steam name, once I get my regular pc up and running again.

    I’m not a pc gamer, and I’m not very good at it lol, but I try.

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  2. I’m excited to do the personal missions so I can find out more about my team members, but I’m also excited to go and recruit new members so I can meet them too! I’m not sure which I will do when I play next.

    Unfortunately all I have to play games on is a PC. I wish I had a console but it’s just not possible at the moment. But there is no rush to add me on steam, I’m not going anywhere!

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