Mass Effect 2, part 4

This post will contain spoilers.

Last time, I planned on recruiting the next member of my squad. I was successful.

I decided to go to the Warlord first, simply because he was closer to me than the Convict.

I landed on the planet where he was located, and pretty much immediately from there I had to fight my way through Blue Suns mercenaries. I’m really starting to understand the slightly different controls and use my squad members more effectively. I brought Garrus and Miranda with me this time.

We made our way through the mercenaries’ compound without too much trouble, and made it to the lab where the Warlord was. He tells us he is trying to make the ideal Krogan and has been giving the rejects to Jedore, a Blue Suns commander, so she could have an army of them. However, she isn’t able to control them. Also, if we want help from the Warlord, he tells us we have to kill her.

We went and did so, only to find that the Warlord has died also. Jedore released toxins into the lab, killing him. However, his latest ideal specimen of a Krogan is sealed and unharmed. We leaved the Warlord’s body but take his legacy with us.

Once back on the Normandy, I have to decide whether or not to release the perfect Krogan. I was feeling a little reckless and adventurous today, so I decided to release him. At first I was worried I had made a mistake, but I think I’ll be able to keep him on our side. He decided to call himself Grunt, and now he is part of my squad.

Next time, I’ll go recruit the Convict.


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