Mass Effect 2, part 3

This post will contain spoilers!

I haven’t had much time to play this week, and when I have played I mostly talked to people and tried to figure out anything that is slightly different from the first Mass Effect game.

For example, traveling is different, and I guess I actually need to worry about how much fuel I have left. Scanning planets is also quite different, because you have to send out probes and you only have 10. I haven’t figured out yet how to get more, and I used them all up on the first two planets I scanned because I thought I would have 10 per planet. Oh well!

The researching is also different, but I like how it works now. It makes sense to me that we’d have to use up resources to figure out new and improved technology.

I’m also having fun customizing my little cabin area. On Omega, I bought some fish and I couldn’t resist the space hamster, so I have some silly pets now.

I’m making an effort to talk to my crew as well. It’s fun to get to know all of them. Although sometimes I’ll talk to one of them, and after we’re done I’ll be notified that I got some morality points. Often I get a couple of renegade points, and I usually have no idea what I said that would earn me those. It seems a lot less clear cut than in the first game. I still have way more paragon points than renegade points.

I started out this game with more renegade points than I thought. I think it comes from me letting the council die at the end of the first game. I only did that because I didn’t know for sure they would die, and I thought it was more important for their ship to help out with destroying Sovereign than escaping. As far as I can tell, this now means that a lot of aliens don’t like me very much. It’s a little unfortunate, but I’ll just have to live with it!

Hopefully by next time, I’ll be done with recruiting the next member of my squad!


3 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2, part 3”

  1. It has been awhile since I’ve went through the game, so I’ve forgotten some of the little things. As far as probes go, I do believe you can upgrade to get more, I’m sure of it. And as far as paragon and renegade, I think the most important dialogue is when the wheel gives you an option of choosing one that is highlighted red or blue.

    Red=Renegade, blue=paragon. Then again that may be in the third game, so I’m sorry if I’m wrong. I also believe if your more say paragon you get more options to raise it, and so on as the other. Again I could be wrong, so sorry if I am. I really need to do another playthrough lol.

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  2. I have the blue and red color coding sometimes, but it doesn’t show up when I’m talking to my teammates on the Normandy. Maybe it’s just a little buggy. I’m not too concerned with sticking to pure paragon or renegade, so it’s not a big deal at least

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