Mass Effect 2, part 2

This post will contain spoilers.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with this game. Playing around with the armor customization is fun. The featured image is a screenshot of what my armor currently looks like.

I’m getting used to the new hacking and bypassing minigames. Now that I’m a little better at them, they’re not as annoying.

I’m also getting used to the slightly different controls. In Mass Effect 2, I have to use space bar instead of E for interacting and Shift for battle options. I keep hitting Shift or E instead of space bar, but I’m starting to remember now. The way you heal up now is different too, and makes the game a little more difficult. Having to find ammo adds a little more challenge too, but I don’t mind.

I was able to recruit Mordin Solus, the Professor! It took lots of fighting through the quarantine zone on Omega. I took Miranda and Jacob with me because even though I didn’t think it would matter, I didn’t want to expose Garrus to the plague. Of course we ended up curing the plague thanks to the Professor, but I didn’t want to take any chances!

Now that I have Mordin with me, I can get the upgrades. The upgrades also work very differently from the previous game, but I like the change!

Now, on to recruit the next member! I don’t know who I’ll look for next, but currently I can find the Warlord or the Convict.


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