Mass Effect, part 10

This post will contain spoilers.

I did it. I finished Mass Effect. I loved it so much and I am so glad I still have the second one to play. I’m going through a tough time in real life right now, and getting to play as an incredibly badass character is really helping me. Not only is it a great escape, but I also find myself realizing the qualities I have in common with Shepard in real life which gives me confidence that I’ll be okay. Maybe it’s cheesy, but I don’t care.

Last time, I was on Virmire preparing to storm Saren’s base. I went for it, and fought my way through with Garrus and Liara until the Normandy could bring in the warhead to blow up the place. I had chosen to send Ashley with the salarians who were distracting Saren’s army. It made sense to me to it that way since she has so much combat skill. I kept Kaidan with the group that would deliver the warhead.

I found the reaper and talked to it. That was a very interesting conversation. A lot of things were explained.


Eventually, I understood why someone told me I’d have to choose between saving Ashley or Kaidan. I feel bad, but it wasn’t that difficult a choice. I never liked Ashley very much anyway, and it seemed more important to help the warhead group anyway because that was the more important mission. I also accidentally flirted with Kaidan enough that we have a thing now. I didn’t turn him down because I was curious to see what happens. I realize the same thing happened with me and Zevran in Dragon Age. I wonder what that says about me?

Anyway, we successfully fought of Saren and blew up his base. Next was to head to the Conduit. That was a very cool looking area.


We used the Conduit while in the Mako, which I didn’t know was possible. Still with Liara and Garrus, we fought through the Citadel until the final confrontation with Saren. Or should I say, final two confrontations, because he comes back after the first time you bring him down. He was really freaky looking.


We killed him twice, mostly by once of holding him still with our bionic powers while the others shot at him. Meanwhile, ships outside were fighting to take down Sovereign. I had to make the decision whether or not the ship containing the Council would flee or fight. I chose to make it fight even though I knew there was a risk of the Council dying, because honestly I felt that taking down Sovereign was the most important thing. Of course the council died, but so did Sovereign.

Afterwards, we had to figure out the new leaders. The other alien races wanted humans to step up and help out. I chose to appoint Captain Anderson as the new leader. It does seem we are about to go to war, so appointing a martial leader made sense to me.

Soon I’ll get to start Mass Effect 2, and see if I made good decisions or not!


3 thoughts on “Mass Effect, part 10”

  1. I saved Ashley, she was my fling in the game, so I figured it was right. I decided to save the council. Its interesting to see how other players play, and see the choices they make. It will be interesting to see how your events turn out in ME2 with the council dead, and Anderson taking over.

    I know you said your going through a rough patch right now. I don’t know whats wrong, its not even my business. I do however hope you are ok, and keep your head up, things will eventually pass.

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