Mass Effect, part 9

This post will contain spoilers.

One of the best things about playing Mass Effect is that I know have a great topic of discussion for so many people I know. For some reason, about 80% of my friends have played it and love it and are more than happy to discuss it with me. However, a couple of them are not so good with keeping spoilers secret. I don’t know many specifics but I do know some things that happen vaguely. I did find out however that I had been missing an important detail about the Mako. I got this far into the game without realizing that it can jump. I felt so silly when I found out, and everyone was asking “How did you get this far into the game without jumping?” I was always just swerving wildly and using hillsides to block incoming bullets.

Last time I said that I will likely be going to Virmire and finishing the game. This is not quite true. Like I said, I’ve talked to a lot of people about the game and most kept telling me that finishing up the side quest “The Fan” was really important. I went to go do that, and I also had to finish up the missions looking for all the minerals as well as the League Medallions. That took a while, but now that those are complete I finally headed to Virmire.

Virmire is beautiful, even though I had to fight my way through it. I liked the weird crab things too and tried my best not to hit them with the Mako.


There were some awkward moments with Wrex, when we found out that Saren has a cure for the genophage that sterilized the Krogan. I had to convince him that the cure would not help the Krogan but would just make them slaves for Saren. Fortunately I succeeded.


Next time, we’ll be storming Saren’s base! Once I finish this, I’ll start on Mass Effect 2. I’m excited for it because I’ve heard it’s an improvement in every way over the first.


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