Mass Effect, part 7

I accidentally stayed up last night playing Mass Effect until 2 am. This is a big deal for me, since I am usually going to sleep at 11:30. It just shows how much I am enjoying this game.

I continued to explore all the different systems I could find. I’ve been surveying or landing on any planet I can. I found my new favorite planet, Eletania, which you can see in the featured image. It was so green and the sky had beautiful clouds, stars, and you could even see the rings around the planet. There were also these hilarious monkey creatures living on it. They look like this. I had to search all of them for a module they took from a fallen probe.

Monkey creatures from Eletania.
Monkey creatures from Eletania.

After I explored all the other systems in the area, I finally went to Feros. I had a lot of missions to accomplish there, so I knew it was going to take a while. I did manage to finish them, but like I said earlier I had to stay up until 2 am to do it.

On Feros, I had to help a colony called Zhu’s Hope. They were being attacked by the Geth. I had to defend them, and also figure out why Saren had been there to visit them earlier. I fought through a lot of Geth and eventually saved the colonists. I also found out why Saren had been there. He was after a plant, called the Thorian, that had mind control abilities. It turns out that the ExoGeni headquarters near Zhu’s Hope had been experimenting with the mind control on the colonists. The Thorian knew I was coming after it, and so sent colonists and Thorian creepers to defend itself. They were a lot like zombies.

I tried my best not to kill the colonists, and I was given a grenade upgrade that would paralyze the colonists. I still ended up killing 4 colonists because I ran out of grenades. I thought about going back and trying to get through without killing any of them, but the only consequence seemed to be some Renegade points. I can live with that, because here’s a screenshot of my current stats:

I'm such a Paragon.
I’m such a Paragon.

I got through all the fights and destroyed the Thorian. The council isn’t happy with me for killing it, but I don’t care. I did what I had to do.


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