Pokemon Soul Silver, part 5

When I left off last time, I was planning on doing some grinding to get my Pokemon ready to face the ghost gym. It took a while, but my current team can be seen in the featured image. Once again, they are Noctowl, Gabite, Flaaffy, Crocanaw, Ponyta, and Sudowoodo. I’m enjoying this team a lot and I’m attached to all of them. Sudowoodo will be the first to go however if I pick up a cooler Pokemon.

I did some grinding until I felt ready to take on Morty, the Ghost type gym leader in Ecruteak City. I had already beaten everyone else in that gym but I was having trouble beating Morty’s Gengar. It had Shadow Ball and was managing to beat my Pokemon in one or two hits. After I leveled up my Pokemon some, I tried again. It helped a lot that Noctowl had learned Confusion, and so with that move and some help from Flaaffy’s high special attack stat I finally managed to beat him.

Next, I headed to Olivine City to find the gym leader there, but she was busy taking care of a sick Ampharos so she wasn’t at the gym. I was told to head to Cianwood Island to get medicine for the Ampharos. I had to use Surf to get there, and that meant fighting lots of water-type Pokemon. That is my my Flaaffy is currently at a higher level than the rest of my Pokemon. I’ll have to train up the others to catch up. Next, I’m going to face the Fighting type gym while I’m on Cianwood Island. I’m hoping it will be easy with Noctowl, who has both Psychic and Flying type moves. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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