Dragon Age DLC: Golems of Amgarrak, part 1

When I posted about finishing the Dragon Age: Awakening DLC, I thought I was done with Dragon Age. I take that back, because I have decided to return one last time to play the Golems of Amgarrak DLC. I wasn’t planning on playing it because the description kept warning about how difficult it was and it scared me off. However, my partner encouraged me to try it out and since it was only $5 I went for it.

This post will contain spoilers.

I once again stuck with the same character. He is now a level 33 rogue. The DLC started out with me receiving a letter from Jerrik the dwarf begging me to help him find his brother. Of course I went to help, and unfortunately this dwarf is also a rogue. This means I had no healer, but fortunately I had a lot of health poultices saved up. At least he can summon a Bronto, named Snug, and I can summon a great bear. That was really nice because you only get yourself and the dwarf at the beginning while trying to find our way into Amgarrak, where the dwarf’s brother disappeared.

We had to fight through some darkspawn, and they were definitely harder to kill than in the other parts of the game. We could still handle it though. Things got a little easier too when we found the Runic Golem, who is a healer and a tank.

We made it into Amgarrak, where the fights got harder again. Enemies included revenants, arcane horrors, sentinel golems, and enraged spirits. We did manage to track down Jerrik’s brother, Brogan. He is a warrior, but pretty messed up from whatever caused the disappearance of his companions.

As far as I can tell, we now have to solve a puzzle to get back out of Amgarrak. It involves switches that cause us to be in different colored dimensions. Once I get a better grip on what I have to do, I’ll write another post!

I thought there was a little more to do, but once I figured out the puzzle then all there was left to do was fight the harvester. I think the designers finally came up with something that disturbs me more than the broodmothers. It was a tough fight and I had to try several times, but I finally managed it when I relied more on range attacks and kept a closer eye the health of my party members. Once the harvester finally went down, so did the rest of the thaig. We all made it out except for the runic golem, and that was the end of it. I’m not sure if I want this to be last Dragon Age DLC I play because this did not have a very nice ending. We’ll have to see if I move on to other games or not.


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