Animal Crossing: Wild World, part 3

While I haven’t posted much about Animal Crossing: Wild World, I have been playing it for a little bit almost every day. I found a snowball back in mid December, but I didn’t know what it was for so I just kept pushing it around and then breaking it or pushing it into the water. I finally found out what they were for when someone asked me what I was playing. When I told her, she asked me if I knew about the snowballs. I said no, and then she told me about building snowmen and getting snowman furniture!

I spent quite a few days trying to figure out how to build a perfect snowman. It was tricky at first but I finally got the hang of it. Since then, I’ve been trying to build one every day so I can get the furniture. I finally completed the set a couple of days ago! You can find out more about them here. I still plan on trying to build a perfect snowman every day so I can sell whatever I get, because they are quite valuable! I’ll be able to pay off my next mortgage very soon and get an even bigger house.


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