Mass Effect, part 6

This post will contain spoilers.

I had a little more time to play Mass Effect today. I finished up the quests on Noveria, which meant destroying the Hot Labs so that the rachni would all die.

I then spent a while figuring out how to use the map. Because of this, I spent a lot of time finding different artifacts and useful deposits of minerals and gases. I can’t believe how much work Bioware put into making all these additional systems and planets to explore. I’m hoping that will help me later? Since I had to drive the Mako on some of the planets, I got noticeably better at driving it.

After a while, I ended up in the Artemis Tau cluster. I knew that Liara was somewhere there, so I investigated each system and landed on every planet I could. I finally found the planet she was one, but first I had to fight through many Geth. My inability to drive the Mako very well actually helped me, because I was moving so erratically it was hard for them to hit me. I finally made it to Liara, and solved the little puzzle to free her. After that, we were attacked by a Krogan and some Geth. I think Liara is going to be a wonderful addition! Since she’s such a powerful biotic, she could just hold enemies in the air while the rest of us shot at them. I feel bad because she makes it almost too easy!

My plan now is to head to Feros. I’ll update after I get to explore over there!


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