Dragon Age DLC: Awakening, part 4

This post will contain spoilers.

I didn’t realize how close to the end of this game I was, because I finished it a little bit ago!

It turns out there was only one Broodmother in the Knotwood Hills, and I didn’t even have to fight her. I just cut some chains holding up a chandelier and it fell on her, killing her. It was a bit anticlimactic, but I remember how hard they were to fight from the main game so I wasn’t too disappointed. We got out of there, and I went back to Vigil’s Keep which I guess triggered the end game.

We were informed that a large army of darkspawn were approaching Amaranthine, so I went there. We got there too late to stop the darkspawn from taking the city. The Architect/Father, the darkspawn who had trapped us in the silverite mine before, sent a messenger there to warn us that the Mother was also going to attack at Vigil’s Keep. I had to make a very hard decision here. Would I leave Amaranthine to the darkspawn and go help Vigil’s Keep, or try to take back Amaranthine and leave Vigil’s Keep on its own? The Architect’s messenger wanted me to go defend Vigil’s Keep, but could I trust him?

I’ve tried to make my own decisions on what I should do in this game, but I have to admit I did look up what each choice would lead to. I ended up taking back Amaranthine, confident that the effort and money I put into the defenses of Vigil’s Keep would keep it safe. I am curious to see exactly what would happen if I opted to save Vigil’s Keep instead.

We then had to track down the Mother, with the help of the Architect. As usual I had Justice, Velanna, and Anders with me. There were lots of fights with Childer grubs, hatchlings, and adults, as well as the usual hurlocks, shrieks, and genlocks. There were also a couple of steel golems, which were difficult to fight but my party could handle them. I also had my first fight with a High Dragon. It went better than expected! I was surprised it only took me one try. I guess I’ve built up a pretty great team!

At last we reached the Mother. The Architect claimed he would help us face her, but he ended up not being very useful. I am curious what would have happened if we had decided to kill him earlier. We did get some help from the towers we activated by placing crystals into sockets around runes. We ended up not really needing the extra help anyway. Justice did go down, because I couldn’t get him to stop running up to the Mother. I kept summoning animals, so there was always a bear, wolf, or spider distracting her while Velanna and Anders hit her with spells and I hit her with fire arrows or defended Velanna and Anders when a wave of lesser enemies would spawn. It took a while this way, but we did defeat her.

Afterwards, we find out that Vigil’s Keep did withstand the attack. Because I trusted the Architect, there seem to be fewer darkspawn in the Deep Roads.

I am both happy and sad to be done with this amazing game. I’m glad I got to see what happened, but sad that I will no longer have this world to explore. But the great thing is, there are always more games and more worlds for me to explore!


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