Mass Effect, part 4

This post will contain spoilers.

Wow, I really shouldn’t write blog posts right after I play, especially after I’ve tried and failed to beat a difficult part. Looking back at my last post, I can see how much worse I write. I need some time to process what happened and calm down if I’m frustrated.

I went back and finally beat that difficult fight. Once I noticed that there was some warning before the shots that would kill me in one hit, I could move out of the way in time. I also threw Sergeant Kaira Stirling before I ran for cover, rather than immediately running for cover which gave me a little more time to lower her health before she could fire at me. It was still close and still took me several tries, but I finally did it! I hate the feeling of being stuck on one part of a game.

Once that fight was over, I could finally get a garage pass and venture to the outside world. As I was leaving, I had to fight off a Geth ambush. I drove a Mako for the first time to help me do so, and I am terrible at driving them! I think it would be easier with a controller, but unfortunately I just have a keyboard. I was eventually killed before I got to Peak 15, and decided that would be a good stopping point. My plan is to practice driving the Mako more, and then I’ll probably be able to get through without too much of an issue. Then I can find out what the Asari matriarch Benezia is up to on Peak 15!


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