Dragon Age DLC: Awakenings, part 2

This post will contain spoilers.

I ran around Amaranthine for a while, completing a couple of the simpler side quests. I’m trying to raise enough money fix the walls of Vigil’s Keep. I do have enough now, but I haven’t been back to deliver it. I’ll get around to it eventually!

I then moved on to Blackmarsh. I still have Oghren and Anders with me, and Anders kept complaining about how creepy it was. It is a creepy place! There were lots of wolves and blighted werewolves to fight, but nothing we couldn’t handle. I explored for a while and found Kristoff’s body, who I was looking for because of a quest. The First was waiting for me there, and took us into the Fade.

I had to fight Childer’s grubs, rage demons, and desire demons here. They weren’t very hard fights however, and killing them allowed me to send loot back to the real world. I kept exploring and got to the village. Exploring was very profitable here, because there were two +1 bonuses to every stat.

The villagers, led by the Spirit of Justice, were at the gates of the Baroness’s house. They were demanding justice against her, because she had been taking the village children and killing them to benefit herself. I agreed to help them, and Justice broke through her gates.

The First was already with her, trying to get sent back out of the Fade. She tells him that he’ll have to defend her from us before she’ll send him back, but we easily beat him. The First was then killed when the Baroness used his life energy to send everyone else back.

The Spirit of Justice was still with us, in Kristoff’s body! He is a spirit warrior, which is a fun addition to my party. I’d been wondering what they were like, and now I get to find out! I explored more, getting all the loot from fighting the rage and desire demons which included a full set of Armor of the Sentinel which I gave to Justice.

We then had to fight the Baroness. I’d been complaining a little that the fights so far had been too easy. I regretted saying that in this fight. It was not easy. It took me three tries, but each try took about 20 minutes and I was pretty close each time. I finally beat the Baroness once I learned how to counter her healing spell.

Next, I will continue to explore the Blackmarsh!


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