Dragon Age DLC: Awakenings

I am very excited to start playing this longer DLC. This post will contain spoilers.

When I first started Awakenings, I struggled with whether or not to create a new character. I have grown very attached to my PC, so even though I wanted to try playing as a mage and designing the character to look like me I eventually decided to stick with my character.

There are some fun new companions, as well as a returning one. Oghren is back, and he wants to become a Grey Warden! Mhairi, who I started with in the DLC, also wants to become a Grey Warden. We also ran into Anders, who was mentioned before in Witch Hunt as a mage who always escapes. I decided to conscript him into the Grey Wardens, because it was either that or he’d be arrested as a maleficar. While it sounds like he had done some questionable things, the Grey Wardens could use all the help they can get.

So far, I’ve gotten to the Grey Warden ceremony. I was pretty sure that at least one of them would die, and I didn’t think they’d bring back Oghren just to kill him. And I was right; he survived just fine. Next Anders went, and he drank and collapsed. I thought he was dead, but they said he’d wake up soon. I would have felt responsible for his death if he had died since I made him do it. Then Mhairi drank and unfortunately I was right. She was the one who did not survive.

There are a lot of quests to do! I’m looking forward to spending more time in this world.


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