Dragon Age DLC: Witch Hunt

This post will contain spoilers.

I had time to play through the Witch Hunt DLC. I enjoyed it more than Lelianna’s Song, but I still feel like I didn’t get too many answers.

After I fathered a child with Morrigan, I kept wondering what happened to that child. I got some new companions for this DLC, including a Mabari. I was sad to not have my Mabari from the main game though. Ariane and Finn were really good companions to have as well. Their banter was just as great as Alistair and Morrigan from the main game. We were a really powerful team too! There wasn’t a single fight that gave me any trouble at all.

Ariane, and elf fighter, was trying to track down Morrigan, so I joined her. Morrigan had stolen a book from Ariane’s clan. We went to the Circle Tower to see if they had a similar book. We were joined by Finn, a fastidious human mage. We figured out what Morrigan was looking for, and tracked her down.

When I finally got to Morrigan, she reminded me of the promise I’d made not to track her down. I just kept telling her I want to know what happened to our child. I definitely did not want to fight her, and I was confused about the option of accusing her of betraying me. I don’t think she ever betrayed me. All I found out was that our child was a boy, and that Morrigan is preparing for some great destiny that he has. It wasn’t a very satisfying answer, and Morrigan looked so sad and scared. I am not used to seeing her that way! I still feel like I need more answers.

Next, I’m planning on playing Awakenings.


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