Mass Effect, part 1

Mass Effect has been on my list of games to play for a while now, and it’s the one I’m most excited about. I was finally able to get access to a computer that can run it. This post will contain spoilers.

I chose a Spacer and War Hero background and Vanguard for my class. I really don’t know anything about how those backgrounds will affect gameplay and I mainly chose Vanguard because it sounded the coolest to me. I have many friends who have played it, and I’m grateful to them for how good they were about not spoiling things for me!

I am very much enjoying the game so far. I’ve completed the first mission, so I got to the beacon and had visions. Now I’m in the process of trying to convince the Council to do something about Saren, the rogue Spectre.

Out of the different genres of video games, I probably have the least experience with shooters. This seems like a great game to get me more comfortable with them, because it combines the shooting parts with RPG parts, which I’m probably the most comfortable with. This is such a short post, because I’m about to go play more right now!


3 thoughts on “Mass Effect, part 1”

  1. You are now entering a world that is pure greatness, I’m excited to see how things turn out for you. Being by the same developer as Dragon Age, I’d say you will quickly fall in love with the game, then the series as you go on.

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