Pokemon Black, part 13

I haven’t posted about Pokemon Black version for a while, but I have still been playing it! Since my last post on it, I have been grinding to get my Pokemon up to level. Thank goodness they added in the Nimbasa sports arenas, because I just kept going there and battling people over and over again. Finally this morning, I got all of my Pokemon to where I wanted them as well as lots of free items for healing my Pokemon!

My Pokemon and their levels!
My Pokemon and their levels!

I then took on Cynthia and finally beat her, but it was a tough battle! Fortunately all my grinding paid off and I was well prepared.

After that, I finally went back to battle the Elite Four. The higher levels definitely showed, because the battles were much easier this time. Then at last, I got to face Alder. Once again, my team was well prepared for the challenge and beat him. It was still a difficult battle, but a little easier than the battle against Cynthia. It’s hard to say which of my Pokemon was the MVP against Alder. Every single one of them was needed, and I know it probably sounds silly to say this but I’m so proud of them! I am a bit surprised that I beat the Elite Four just now, because I kind of decided to go try on a whim and didn’t stock up on healing supplies. Fortunately I had enough with me! I’m excited to see what will happen in the post-game.


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