Dragon Age, part 9

Spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins ahead!

I got to play a little more Dragon Age today, but I don’t have much to update. The Final Onslaught is just continuing. I only had a couple of hours to play and since fights are getting tough I’d have to try them at least twice before I could beat most of them. As of now, I have tracked down and defeated the two Darkspawn Generals. They weren’t too hard to beat once I learned what kind of attacks they had and how to counter them. My party is still the usual: Alistair, Wynne, and Morrigan.

I have also begun the fight to get to Fort Drakon. I have already needed to call in some troops, and I hope I’m not using them up too fast. The end is coming up so quickly! The next step is to get to the top of Fort Drakon and defeat the Archdemon. If you’ve got any tips for fighting the Archdemon, I’d love to hear them!

Once I finally finish the main game, I plan on continuing to update things about the post-game and any DLC that I’ll play. Thanks for reading!


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