Dragon Age, part 7

This post may contain spoilers. This is also going to be a long post, because a lot happened in the game!

I first spent some time finishing up quests. I started in the Brecilian Forest by killing all the revenants. I had killed one way earlier in the game but it was tough. Now it was easy! The loot was good; I got a complete set of Juggernaut armor set that Morrigan is now wearing.

I then spent a long time organizing inventory and making sure everyone had the best equipment available. I spent about 3 hours on Saturday trying to do that. The inventory system is one thing I really do not like about this game. I did get the Soldier’s Peak DLC so at least I have that as a storage option, but having to travel to it all the time is annoying and also kind of ruins the sense of urgency for me. I spent so much time just traveling between places, the darkspawn should have won already! I also spent a long time traveling all over looking for health poultices. I probably use too many because it seems I have cleared them out from many stores!

On Sunday, I finally started the end of the game. So much happened in such a short amount of time! I played for about 4 hours, and finished something like 10 quests in that time. A lot of them were very short ones with just one or two steps that happened while I was finishing more major quests.

The major quests I did were all in Denerim. I completed the quest to rescue Anora from Arl Howe and freed many people from his dungeons, but Alistair and I got captured in the process. I chose Morrigan and Wynne to come and save them. I chose them because they are the other two members of my usual party, and the fact that they are both women was convenient because they were in disguise as members of the Chantry and were able to bluff their way in for a while. I didn’t realize that they would go in disguise, but it worked. Eventually they did have to fight, but it wasn’t too hard. Alistair and I were then saved and Anora has sided with us. I’m trying to convince her and Alistair to get married. I feel bad because it seems they don’t want to, but it seems to me like the best way to keep the peace.

Next I went to the Alienage and figured out why the elves were disappearing. I completed that quest, along with a couple of side quests. The elves were being taken away to be sold as slaves in Tevinter! My PC is an elf himself, and I imagine he was not happy about that. I wasn’t either, and ended up killing Caladrius, the man in charge of taking the elves and freeing those who had not yet been taken to Tevinter. It took me a couple of tries to beat him, and now my stats say he is my most powerful enemy slain. I didn’t think it was that hard of a fight! It did get my PC to level 20 though. We also have evidence now that Caldrius was working with Loghain, which makes Loghain look pretty bad.

The next step is for me to attend the Landsmeet! I’ll update after that. Thanks for reading!


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