Animal Crossing: Wild World, part 2

I don’t want to update on this game very often, because I don’t think it’s too exciting to have an update like “I payed off my mortgage!” But I haven’t had a chance to play much Dragon Age this week (hopefully that will change this weekend) and I’ve been a little burnt out on Pokemon Black. The only game I’ve been playing much this week is this one.

I have paid off two mortgages and have a 3 story house now! I finally got some coconut trees growing too. I also wanted to share some pictures of how I’ve decorated it.

First floor
First floor
Second floor
Second floor

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: Wild World, part 2”

  1. I’ve never played this one, but it seems like a nice and relaxing game, just like the rest of the series. Animal Crossing is one of those rare Nintendo gems, that are so easy to dive into for hours at a time.


    1. It is so relaxing! That’s probably why I’ve been playing it more because I’ve been a little stressed about other things going on in my life. I haven’t played any of the other animal crossing games, but now that I have a 3ds and my birthday is soon I’m hoping to get new leaf! Thanks for reading 🙂

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