Dragon Age, part 6

This post will contain spoilers.

I’m getting to the end of this game far too quickly. I don’t want to be finished with it! When I played yesterday, I quickly found that a couple of quests I had left were no longer available to me to complete because I had finished the larger quests that they were part of. I don’t think that makes any sense, and I wish I had been more careful about that. So instead of of doing anything that was available, I went and checked out the DLC!

There are several DLCs that I want to play, but for now I just got “Return to Ostagar”. I already played through the whole thing, and it went by far too quickly. I don’t think it was quite worth the $5 I spent on it. To be fair, I think I was over-leveled for it. I was killing most enemies with just a couple of blows. I was hoping too that King Cailan’s armor, which was the main perk of the quest, would be really good. His armor wasn’t that great either. I guess I should have played this earlier in the game.

I think that I will get to the end of the game soon, because I’m finding out that a lot of the DLCs are meant to take place after the the big battle against the darkspawn. There’s also a lot to do even after the battle. I do want to finish the game soon,  but not that soon!


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