Pokemon Black, part 12

It’s been a while since I updated about my progress on this game! I have continued to play it, but have not had much to update about. The egg that I got from a random Ranger hatched, into a Larvesta. Between Emboar and Reshiram, I really don’t need any more fire type Pokemon. I still wanted to raise the Larvesta into a Volcarona so I kept him in my party with an Exp. Share. He’s at level 56, and will evolve at level 59. Once that happens, I really need to figure out who will be my sixth team member for my second Elite Four challenge. I may keep Volcarona after all, because a bug type would be useful. However, I am missing a grass type so I may bring back my Leavanny to take care of both bug and grass type. Either way, I have some grinding to do. The rest of my team (Emboar, Excadrill, Swanna, Musharna, and Zebstrika) are all between level 69-72. I’ve just been going to the Nimbasa City sports complexes and battling every day to level them up. Once I get them all to level 72-75, I think I’ll be ready to challenge the Elite Four again!


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