Dragon Age, part 2

As mentioned in my previous Dragon Age post, I did not start tracking my progress in Dragon Age right when I started playing. I am already a good chunk of the way through the game, so I’m just keeping track from where I was when I started this blog. Also as mentioned before, this post may contain spoilers.

I finished up the Andraste’s ashes quest, which was definitely an interesting one. I was not expecting to have to answer riddles! Fortunately they were all pretty easy. I enjoyed the little challenge since I’ve loved riddles since I read The Hobbit when I was 11.

Next I had to talk to Tamlen, my friend from the very beginning of the game who was lost and is presumably dead. He said he forgave me for not finding him, and gave me a little present and told me to move on. It was some nice closure for my character.

Then I had to fight myself. My party was as usual Shale, Morrigan, and Alistair, and I didn’t realized before what a tough team we actually are. It took me a couple of tries to beat us.

Finally I reached an altar, which had an inscription about casting off worldly belongings. So I had everyone remove their equipment, which I thought just meant weapons and armor. To my surprise everyone ended up in their underwear! But I guess that was the right thing to do, because I got to Andraste’s ashes and completed that little quest.

I was going to begin the Mage’s Circle quest next, but first I took care of a little side quest involving Oghren the dwarf and Felsi, his long lost love. I had mixed feelings about bringing Oghren to her because it sounded like she wanted nothing to do with him, but he really wanted to see her and I figured I could intercede if needed. It turned out that she did want to see him, and their relationship depends on insulting each other. To each their own, I guess.

Finally, I began the Mage’s Circle quest. I was told it is going to be a long one. I joined up with Wynne, who I like a lot. I always like when older women get to be badass, because it gives me hope that one day I’ll be a badass too. I left Shale behind, so now the party is Morrigan, Wynne, and Alistair. We slaughtered our way through the Mage’s Tower, and made it to the Sloth Demon. I’m now alone, in the Fade. I have no idea what will happen next, and I hope my next chance to play is soon!


3 thoughts on “Dragon Age, part 2”

      1. If you enjoy it that great. Over all the playthroughs the fade is the only part I just can’t get into lol. It’s not bad in anyway, but I just seem to dread it. Maybe one day I will enjoy the fade lol.

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