Pokemon Soul Silver, part 2

I received my Pokewalker in the mail on Saturday and bought a new battery for it, and it works! So far I have used it to catch two male Nidorans and a Sentret. I put my Onix on it just to test it out, and I had fun imagining I was being followed around by a giant rock snake. I’m already a fairly active person, but since getting it I have been getting up just to walk around a little more. It’s a fun addition to an already fun game.

As for game progress, I saved the poor Slowpokes who were getting their tails cut off by Team Rocket. I also beat the second gym. It’s the bug-type gym in Azalea town. It was easy, since my party right now is Hoothoot, Togepi, Totodile, and Mareep. Hoothoot has Peck, so she took out most of the bug types easily until we got to Bugsy’s Scyther, who is also flying type. Mareep was useful with Thundershock, and she leveled up and evolved into a Flaaffy.

To be honest, I never thought I was going to get back into Pokemon very much. I felt pretty burnt out on them after playing Blue version so much growing up. The games do age very well though. When I was a kid, I just thought Pokemon were cool and just battle. Now as an adult, I enjoy the strategy of it. There’s a lot of thought you can put into choosing a team and deciding which moves a Pokemon should have. I ended up going back to that used game store and buying Fire Red version. I now have either played or will play Blue, Gold, Fire Red, Pearl, Soul Silver, and Black version.


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