More Games!

Sadly, I broke my phone last night. I dropped it and cracked the screen. I took it in to get repaired today, and as I was leaving I noticed a little game store nearby. I stopped in to check it out, and they had lots of Pokemon games! After consulting the staff, I ended up buying Pearl version rather than Diamond. I really didn’t intend for this blog to become mostly about Pokemon, but it’s happening anyway. I’m still going to post about other games though. It’s going to take some willpower to not buy more when I go to pick up my phone later. They also had Heart Gold, Diamond, Fire Red, Leaf Green, and Sapphire. Hopefully the repair cost of the phone will keep me from wanting to spend anymore money today. I might exchange Pearl for Diamond after doing my own research on them though. Best thing to happen from breaking my phone? I think so.


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