Dragon Age, part 1

This may contain spoilers. I think it’s been out long enough that I probably don’t need to warn anybody, but I’d rather give warning just in case!

I’ve been putting off writing about Dragon Age, because it’s going to be tricky to write about. I started playing it back in early July on my partner’s Xbox. I can’t play it very often because it’s at his house and sometimes he wants to use it or we’re just busy doing other things. It’s also tricky because I started playing it a while ago, so I’m not sure how to write about how far into the game I am. I definitely do not have the time or energy to go back and write about everything I’ve done in the game so far! It’s such a massive game.

I’m playing as a male forest elf rogue named Oberon. The amount of customization was amazing! It would be nice to see as much variety in the NPCs, but at least you can have variety for your PC. My usual party is Morrigan, Shale, and Alistair. I love the dialog you can hear between the other characters while I’m running around. Their conversations can be hilarious. It took me a while to get the hang of the controls and customizing the tactics, so I was glad to have my partner helping me out in the beginning. You have so much control over so many things and you have to keep an eye on all of it, so it can felt quite overwhelming at first!

The amount of choices can be overwhelming too! I’m trying to play as a generally good person, or at least well-meaning. It’s a little stressful to know that every choice can impact things later on. I’m also a fairly thorough person and I would love to see how every choice would turn out, but that is clearly not going to be possible. There are just so many combinations. It would probably take a lifetime.

I guess I can write about the mission I most recently played. We had to go into the mountains to a town called Haven to try to track down the Ashes of Andraste. This town is home to dragon cultists. I thought this was awesomely creepy and fictional or not, cults tend to fascinate me! I haven’t quite reached the Ashes yet, but I hope to soon. I’ll keep updating as I go.


7 thoughts on “Dragon Age, part 1”

      1. With each game they will take a good amount of time, according to side quest. A good story run should take around 20-25 hours if not more.

        As far as Dragon Age 2 goes I don’t think its as good as the first one. A lot of changes were made, and some great things taken out.

        But I love, I think it takes a little time to get into it. But its great, I think fans just wasn’t prepared for all the change. Its just one of those love or hate relationships, kind of like the ending to Mass Effect 3 lol.

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