Animal Crossing: Wild World

Like Minecraft, Animal Crossing is one of those games that I’d always hear about but didn’t understand until I tried it. I would just hear about paying off loans and I didn’t get why that would be fun. But now I’ve picked up Wild World from a used game store and tried it, and I have to say I love it. The controls are a little bit awkward, but it’s nothing I can’t get used to. Sometimes the dialog drags on a bit too long or gets repetitive, but it’s not too big an issue for me.

It’s really nice to have your own little house that you can decorate however you like, especially when you can go and make your own patterns at the Able sisters’ store. I just paid off my first mortgage too, so soon I’ll have a bigger house to decorate. I’ve already almost filled it up with gyroids. Other than that, it’s weirdly satisfying to me to go beachcombing and bug hunting. I’m starting to get how to fish as well. I can also recognize where to dig now to find fossils and gyroids. Even though I still have a hard time fishing, I like to donate them to the museum so I can see them in the aquarium rather than selling them to Tom Nook, who is such a crook! Also I find Blathers, the owl who runs the museum, adorable. He reminds me of Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I am also watching for the first time. (I’m catching up on a lot of TV shows I missed out on when I was younger too, not just video games!)

All in all, Animal Crossing is a simple, charming game. I definitely want to buy the newest version so I can play that too. It’s also going to make a great break for when I’m trying to play scarier or more stressful games.


4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: Wild World”

  1. Animal Crossing, has been one of my guilty pleasures in gaming. If you enjoy that, you may want to check out Harvest Moon if you haven’t already. From a stand point, the Harvest Moon series, looks ridiculous, but it’s highly fun and addictive.


    1. Second this. And the best part is that you can save the game, shut it off, and not worry about it for a few weeks while you tackle that horror game!!
      Animal Crossing’s “real time” function is both it’s greatest asset and it’s biggest fault. Sometimes I just wanna put this darn game on the back burner and not worry about which villager hits the road while I’m gone </3


  2. Thank you very much for the suggestion crazysnake513! And thebluewigglytuff, that’s a great point about the real-time function. I was stuck for a while on the 23rd because Nook’s store was closed, so I couldn’t sell anything and finish paying off the first mortgage.

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