Pokemon Black, part 11

I managed to raise all of my Pokemon to level 51.  Then I finally took on the Elite Four. I started with the Fighting type trainer, and Musharna and Swanna were the MVPs in that fight. Next I took on the Psychic trainer, where Musharna was useful because I taught her Shadow Ball (a Ghost type move). Excadrill was also important because I taught him X-Scissor (a Bug type move). I then took on the Dark type trainer, which ended up being the easiest fight of all.  Excadrill and Emboar were very useful here. Finally I took on the Ghost type trainer. This was probably the hardest fight out of the Elite Four, but still not as hard as I expected it would be . Musharna was useful here, but I had to be careful because while she was super effective against Ghost type because of Shadow Ball, they were also super effective against her. To my surprise, Swanna ended up being very important here because several of the Ghost types had secondary types where water was super effective.

Then I had to go face N. First I wandered the castle, picking up lots of free items. When I finally reached N, Reshiram finally showed up! After a surprisingly easy battle to get lower its HP and putting it to sleep using Musharna, I caught it with my first Ultra Ball. I was lucky! Reshiram replaced Dragonair. Then I battled N, and he really didn’t give me too much trouble.

Next was the fight with Ghetsis. I had a brief moment of panic before I realized that N was kind enough to heal me before I fought Ghetsis. This was by far the hardest battle. The Seismitoad in particular was difficult since I didn’t have any Grass types with me. The Eelektross was difficult too, since I couldn’t use Ground types against it because of its ability. I finally got them though, and I was left to face the Hydreigon with Reshiram. Since Dragon types are super effective against each other, I was really worried. But I got very lucky again and Dragon Breath paralyzed the Hydreigon before it could attack, and I took it out!

Now in the post-game, I’m trying to grind more so I’m up to the other trainers’ levels. I don’t know why all their Pokemon are level 65 now! My Pokemon leveled up some after fighting the Elite Four, but not that much. My highest level one, Musharna, is only at 55!

I also may start playing other Pokemon games. I went to a used game store yesterday and found Soul Silver!


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