Pokemon Black, part 10

This will just be another short update on my progress. I’m almost ready to face the Elite Four. All of my Pokemon are at level 50, with the exception of a Dragonair that my partner caught and traded to me as a surprise present! He is at level 51. Dragonair replaces Tornadus, so my current team is now Emboar, Dragonair, Swanna, Zebstrika, Musharna, and Excadrill.

I gave the Elite Four a quick try last night, and quickly regretted it. My Pokemon just aren’t quite ready. I think I will grind just a bit more to get them all up to level 51. I also need to go buy lots of items to boost everyone’s stats. After that, I’ll give the Elite Four another try, probably sometime this weekend. I’ll let you all know how it goes!


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