Unlike with a lot of the other games I’m trying out, I have been playing Minecraft for a while. I first tried it for Xbox at a friend’s house, and liked it enough to buy it for PC. However, when I first heard about it I didn’t think it would be something I enjoy. I tend to like having a set goal and purpose and I’m not always the best at making my own goals.

Minecraft is so much like Lego, and is not nearly as messy! I’m sure most people have stepped on a Lego at some point in their lives. With Minecraft, there is no such risk! You can also have the added thrill of monsters. When I’m playing with my friends, I don’t mind having the monsters as much because they can come help me if I need it. However, when I’m playing on my own I play on peaceful mode because I’m a giant wimp. I don’t like to play on creation mode either, because I do like the exploring and finding resources part. I just don’t like the suddenly getting blown up part.

Since my old laptop can’t really handle Minecraft anymore, I’ve been playing it on Xbox at my friend C’s house. He and D play the most, and love to build giant elaborate fortresses. Our current fortress is surrounded by cacti, so they stop most things and hurt the spiders then they try to climb over. Past fortresses even included lava defenses. I’m not nearly as ambitious, and I am most proud of building a house entirely out of pumpkins. I do like to set up farms though, and so we all made a tree farm and a sugarcane farm. We have also started a chicken, cow, and sheep farm. Although the genetics hurts my love of biology, the sheep are my favorite, because I keep dying them different colors and then breeding them to get more colors. I eventually want a rainbow herd.


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