Pokemon Black, part 7

I had no idea that I was going to just be given the Light Stone! I kept expecting to find it somewhere and have to catch it right away. But they just give me the stone! I haven’t figured out yet how to awaken it, but when I do I have a perfect nickname for it. 

The next gym for me to beat was the Dragon type gym in Opelucid City. Dragon types are always tricky for me because they have so many resistances and so few weaknesses. I didn’t have anything very effective against Dragon types, so I trained up a Cubchoo I had caught earlier into a Beartic and taught him plenty of ice moves. The rest of my team was Iroh, Swanna, Archeops, Leavanny, and Excadrill. Excadrill was the second most important Pokemon I brought into the gym with me. Then the gym was easier than I thought. Beartic took out the gym leader’s first two Pokemon easily, but then the last one used Dragon Tail which caused a forced switch of Pokemon. and Excadrill was brought out. Even though he doesn’t have anything super effective against Dragon types, he is still one of my most powerful Pokemon and easily took out the leader’s last Pokemon. 

I have now beaten all 8 gyms, and next up is the Elite 4! I think I need to do a lot more training first, and I also really want to get Reshiram. 


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