Pokemon Black, part 6

I got through Twist Mountain yesterday. I have now been through the Icirrus City gym, which was even easier than the flying gym in Mistralton City. This gym was the ice type gym, so Iroh the Emboar and my Excadrill defeated everyone easily. I’ve now also been through the Dragonspiral Tower, and N now has Zekrom! I’ve also been told that now I have to find and catch Reshiram or else we won’t be able to stop N from freeing all the Pokemon in the world from humans. There have been little hints here and there of a plot, but I think this is the first time I actually feel like I have to do something as soon as possible. I’m enjoying that feeling. Sometimes I lose some motivation in Pokemon games, when I feel like I just have to keep level grinding so it’s nice to have a more concrete goal. 


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