Halo Reach

On Sunday night, I went over to my friend C’s house and played Halo Reach with C, S, and D. Out of all video game genres, I am definitely least familiar with FPS. For one thing, I never found any for free on a computer and I didn’t have access to a console. For another thing, my parents are even more anti-gun than they are anti-video game, to the point where I was never even allowed to have a water pistol growing up. If I was going to be in trouble for playing video games, I would be in even more trouble for playing a video game in which I was shooting a gun. I kind of get where they were coming from. They didn’t want me to think of guns as toys. But really, I’m intelligent enough to realize that a real gun and a water gun are completely different, and one is a toy and the other is not!

This was probably something like my fifth time playing Halo Reach, so I still barely know what I am doing. At least by now I have figured out that I play with inverted controls, so D and S think I’m weird but C plays that way too. I have no idea why I play that way but it just makes more sense to me that way.Since I haven’t really played much FPS games ever, I’m realizing there are a lot of skills you need to be good at them which I don’t have. I’m working on it though. There are so many things you have to pay attention to, but it helps that now I don’t have to think about the controls as much anymore. 

 I’m starting to be able to recognize which gun I’m using by the shape of it and which enemies are the biggest threats. We tried playing Firefight mode in easy mode for me, and I did just fine! But normal mode is still a bit too difficult for me. I want to get better at it, because blowing up aliens is so satisfying and a great way for me to blow off some steam!


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