Pokemon Black, part 4

I was at my partner’s house yesterday and tried to play Dragon Age, but since we had spent the rest of the day playing a tabletop RPG we were a little burnt out on RPGs. So instead, you get more Pokemon! I guess Pokemon is kind of an RPG, but it’s not the same as Dragon Age or our tabletop RPG. We couldn’t figure out exactly why it’s different though. My partner has a lot of DS games too, so once he has a chance to dig those out of his closet I can look through them and choose some new games to try. Some of them are already out because I’ve gotten him back into Pokemon. Oops.

Right now in my game, it’s winter and it actually snows! As for other improvements I’ve noticed, when I catch a Pokemon and it gets sent to the PC, it gets healed automatically. It’s such a small thing, but such a big improvement from Blue version! After I played Gold, I thought I wouldn’t be able to go back to Blue because of all the improvements. Now I really won’t be able to go back, and probably won’t even be able to go back to Gold! 

I successfully leveled up my Drilbur into an Excadrill and finally beat Clay in Driftveil City and now I can move on! Once I had Excadrill, it was almost too easy to beat Clay. I’m getting through Chargestone Cave now. I’m close to leveling up my Ducklett but I don’t dare take her into a cave full of electric types. So she’ll just have to wait until I get through it!


3 thoughts on “Pokemon Black, part 4”

  1. I haven’t played a pokemon game since silver lol. And honestly i don’t know how the new ones are. Since i’m assuming they haven’t changed much. Dragon Age i would say is more of and action and tactics. While Pokemon is more turn based. Just my opinion though, please correct me if i’m wrong.


    1. The new pokemon games are actually quite different! There are lots of little changes that just make it easier to play. I was really impressed with how they incorporated the touch screen on the DS. There’s also lots of new areas and pokemon. I think you’re right about Dragon Age and Pokemon. Dragon Age also needs a lot more thinking when you have the extended dialogue scenes that are going to affect the outcome of a game, but with Pokemon you can pretty much just say yes or no and it doesn’t really affect much. Thanks for commenting!


      1. No problem at all. I really like Pokemon as a series. Its a shame I haven’t played any in such a long time. Even more of a shame that I really don’t have anything to do with handhelds. A good read though, thanks for postings, and replying back.


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