Pokemon Black, continued

I meant to post yesterday, but my computer crashed. It’s working for now, but posting might be difficult for a while. 

I’ve also only been posting about Pokemon Black because that’s all I’ve been able to play. Dragon Age and Halo depend on me using friends’ consoles, and they’ve been busy so I haven’t had a chance to play anything else. This is really frustrating too, because I’ve been stuck in the same place with Pokemon Black for the past 2 days. I’m stuck partly because I’ve been surprisingly busy the past 2 days despite having days from work off. Today ended up being family time all day, which was really fun but I means didn’t play.

I’m also stuck because Clay’s Excadrill is really hard to beat! I got through the rest of Driftveil Gym really easily with Leavanny and Ducklett, but that Excadrill keeps knocking them both out with one hit. I guess I’ll just keep grinding away until they reach higher levels. I plan to do the same for my Drilbur, because seeing just how tough he’ll be when he’s an Excadrill is motivating! I can’t wait until I have my own. He’s only got 2 more levels to go. 

It’s kind of embarrassing how attached I get to my Pokemon. I was surprised at how fast my Swadloon turned into a Leavanny, but my partner said he’s not surprised. I take good care of them and run to the Pokecenter the first chance I get if any of them are injured at all. Even though I know they’re not real, I feel bad if I let them faint or stay injured. 



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