Pokemon Black

I have now beaten the first four gyms. The first gym wasn’t too memorable. I liked the library puzzle in the second gym. The Castelia City gym was just so weird. The Nimbasa City gym was a lot of fun to get through, but fighting the Emolgas was awful! I didn’t have any good types for fighting them, but I managed in the end. The other two most annoying pokemon I’ve faced have been Sandiles and Pidoves. They’re as bad as Zubats from Blue version in my opinion. 

 Now I’m almost ready to fight Clay in the Driftveil City gym. I don’t think it will be too hard because I have a lot of types that are good against ground type. I just want to train a little more, until all my Pokemon are at least level 28. I love the double battles for faster leveling up! My current team is Ducklett, Musharna, Leavanny, Zebstrika, Pignite, and Drilbur. Ducklett is new, and I love having a water/flying type (except for when I have to fight electric types!). I still need to level up Ducklett and Musharna so they are level 28 too. I didn’t know a lot of these pokemon before, but I’m liking all the ones I have! As of now, I think my team is pretty set, but it could always change. 


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