Hello World!

Growing up, I was forbidden from playing video games. This didn’t completely stop me since I still managed to play some at friends’ houses and I had a secret GameBoy Color that my cousin gave me, but it did mean that I am very limited in what I have played. The only game I had for the GameBoy Color was Pokémon Blue version, and games at friends’ houses was mainly MarioKart.

In college, I was away from home and could have played without getting in trouble, but I had so little time! I did manage to play Portal, Portal 2, MineCraft, and Pokémon Gold version at least. I loved all of them.

Now that I am out of college with a bit of disposable income and free time, I’m attempting to catch up on a lot of what I missed. This blog will chronicle my attempts at playing various video games and what I think of them. Since coming up with the idea for this blog, I have been playing Dragon Age, Halo Reach, and Pokémon Black version. I’ll post more on those later. I am open to suggestions on what games I should try next!


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